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Each of us is different, and that is fantastic. So too is the program of therapy, coaching or personal development for you. Drawing on a wide range of modalities your path to transitioning to greater strength is unique. My clients often ask me, what’s it like? What’s going to happen? So, hopefully these case study stories will help give you an insight into the possible processes we might explore together.

In his 50s, Harry explained that he had difficulty connecting with his life, he hardly recognised himself in the mirror anymore. Despite a beautiful family, loving relationship and great job, he felt lonely and depressed, very low in fact. He described some instances where he just couldn’t feel any joy, and was often in emotional pain when all that surrounded him should have led him to happiness. Through an initial in-depth interview, it emerged that Harry had suffered a great deal of loss in his formative years, which for the most part, had been buried through circumstance. The special BWRT protocol for grief helped Harry release old bereavements in a safe and secure space. After just a couple of face to face sessions, Harry started to feel those important connections again. He let go of cumulative grief in a few more sessions and regained confidence that he could enjoy life once again.

Harry W

Lucia started to see me as she was dropping out of University. In her 3rd year of Business and Fashion Studies in London, she just did not seem to be able to cope and had fallen behind on a number of assignments, essays and projects. She just felt as if it was too much and believed she had no choice but to drop out. Her morale was very low. This was at the height of Covid lockdowns and so much of the University interaction had stopped. In addition, Lucia had recently broken things off with a boyfriend and her feelings were extremely confused. Through Hypnotherapy, over 6 sessions via Zoom, Lucia managed to get back on track with work, complete outstanding assignments and, most importantly, find her zest for life again. Hypnotherapy helped her rebuild her own inner strength and helped her find her self confidence again. I’m delighted to confirm that she completed her degree with a very respectable outcome.

Lucia P

Nathalie was suffering from mild depression but wanted to figure out her way through it as she felt it kept pulling her back and she just couldn’t shake it after many years and prescriptions for anti-depressants. Essentially she was a homemaker, the main carer of the family of 4 girls, whom she adored. The Warrior, Settler, Nomad framework was introduced to her. Warriors are, by nature competitive, driven and ambitious. Settlers take a nurturing or supportive role in life, building relationships and Nomads are life’s explorers and adventurers, sometimes even thrill seekers (for more information please refer to the Terrence Watts Book: Warriors, Settlers, Nomads). From the very start, this framework helped Nathalie enormously: she realised almost immediately that she was trying to live her life as a Settler (nurturing her family) compromising so much, but was in fact a Warrior by nature and her frustrated drive to succeed on her own terms was creating all kinds of inner conflict for her. We discussed at length how to be a great parent whilst honouring her natural needs as a Warrior. For Nathalie , finding out her natural personality helped her to lead a more authentic life, whilst still being an amazing mother. She is now out there pursuing her creative passion and making a name for herself.

Nathalie M

Malik was a keen horse rider and competitive horse jumper; an accomplished young amateur. He adored horses and they were a key part of his life. An accident a few years ago had resulted in a broken limb and he now realised that he hesitated before every jump, preventing him from fulfilling his potential. Frustrated at his inability to simply reason with himself, he came to see me for help. After an initial interview to determine whether there were any other underlying issues, we proceeded with using BWRT, a rapid transformational therapy that is excellent with phobias and fears. After just these two sessions, Malik called me from the ring of a major competition to tell me that, during the competition he had forgotten to even remember to be worried about each jump; it was as if his fears were never there in the first place. He had cleared the round and won his competition.

Malik S

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“Difficult is a far cry from Impossible. In the distance between those two lies hope. Hope and Fear cannot occupy the same space at the same time. Invite one to stay.” Maya Angelou

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