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For some people coming to therapy or coaching is a new experience, not always one they fully understand. This page, and the Case Studies page, are designed to give you a small insight into how we work together and what we can work on in particular.

Whether we work together online (which is very effective too by the way) or we meet face to face, the process is very similar and includes background interviews and questions, talking about your life and perhaps how your issues impact the day to day enjoyment of it and usually a tried and tested intervention such as BWRT, Hypno-analysis, Personality Work or CBT to help you through your challenges. For children, sessions are typically shorter and often involve play, art or craft elements too; approaches are adapted to suit the child depending on age, experience and understanding.

I’ve identified below some of the areas where I can help, where I can make a difference, but do get in touch as this is not exhaustive, by any means. On my Case Studies Page, I’ve include some stories for you to see a little of what might happen in our sessions, to bring some of these to life a little more.

Overcoming Depression and Anxiety:

With depression, it’s hard to kick that sinking feeling, that hollowness that just won’t leave, that sense of true hopelessness. With anxiety, it’s impossible to settle, to believe it’s all going to be ok. For those with depression and anxiety, the battle can feel especially difficult.

Resolving Sleep disturbances:

Sleep is an essential part of our lives, restorative, and healing. Any long-term disturbance to sleep may also lead to physical consequences. Sleep disturbances are often part of something else and can be linked to depression, grief, stress, anxiety amongst other conditions.

Managing Fears and Phobias:

Many of us have to face our fears in life. When fears or phobias prevent us from leading a normal life then it becomes very difficult. Rational thought rarely convinces us that ‘flying is the safest form of transport’ if we are terrified to fly, or that the ‘spider is more afraid of you than you are of it’ if we fear their presence.

Improving Performance:

Coaching for performance can help others focus on what they want from their future, rather than simply resolving issues from their past. Sometimes having an outside push or pull can help steer you in the right direction. Other times, having things reflected back to you is all it takes: improving performance in sports, business, acting or any field, towards greater success. After all, elite sportsmen or successful performers happily avail of the services of a coach to keep on getting better.


I work across different population groups to offer the following Services:

For Children and Young People

Reducing Performance Anxiety or Stage Fright
Busting Exam Stress
Building Resilience and Managing Fears
Getting rid of Nightmares and Bed Wetting
Dealing with Change and Loss
Working with Learning Differences

For Adults

Stress Management
Dealing with Depression and Anxiety
Coping with Transitions and Grief
Overcoming Sleep Disturbances
Managing Fears and Phobias
Eliminating Bad Habits including Smoking
Relationship Building with your Partner or Teenager
Enhancing Performance in Sports or Work

For Organisations

Coaching for Success
Assessment and Development
Leadership and Team Building
Change Management

Please get in touch as these are just examples of the work I do. Much more can be gained from a discussion and review of your own situation.

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